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Wholesale Equipment Resource, LLC has been around for 45 years. Over this time period, we have gained tremendous insight into helping customers choose the ideal piece of equipment to furnish any commercial kitchen located throughout the Elmira, NY area. This includes used, stainless steel, and catering equipment of all kinds. Our expertise saves time, money, and frustration!

Outfitting a commercial kitchen can be an overwhelming, frustrating, and confusing endeavor. This is where our trained experts come in handy. We use our industry-diverse experience to help companies choose the perfect piece of equipment at the most affordable prices.

We employ professionals who are passionate about commercial kitchens, catering, and anything related to mass-food preparation process. Talk with any of our experts and it becomes obvious that the passion exists and is contagious!

We stand by everything we sell. Customers continually provide us with positive feedback about us making life easier. Our company has a reputation for superb customer service that is not stopping now!

Our experts are trained to translate technical industry and manufacturer knowledge into conversation-promoting language. We love helping customers learn about the restaurant equipment industry and how it can serve many needs.

Save time, money, and hassles in the Elmira, NY area by dealing with the best in the restaurant equipment industry. Email our experts today to get started on the path towards success.