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Among the many qualities that chefs, restaurateurs, and cooking/baking hobbyists look for when seeking kitchen equipment to add to their location is durability, versatility, and, of course, productivity. Any type of kitchen product with all three features is a must have in every kitchen and we at Wholesale Equipment Resource, LLC are more than happy to provide exactly that in our cooking steam kettles. Useful in any type of kitchen, big and small, this steam kettle stands out due to its ability to be used as a device for steaming all varieties of food material and preparing them for serving.

The soup tilting function on this cooking steam kettle is suitable for serving soups and other range of dishes to large volumes of people. Commercial kitchens chefs and restaurateurs can especially benefit from this, as it grants an opportunity and means to serve a bigger crowd. And this, of course, can only mean an increase in profit.

Here at Wholesale Equipment Resource, LLC, we understand what is important in our customers’ industry and that’s why we’ve been so successful in the past 45 years. Through the usefulness of our cooking line equipment combined with our desire to help them, our customers are always more than thrilled to have come to us for their needs.

We always promise high quality jacketed steam kettles and other used foodservice equipment here at Wholesale Equipment Resource, LLC and thus far, we have been delivering on that promise. Because of our reputable service, our customers know to come to us when looking for cooking steam kettles in Elmira, NY.

In addition to steam kettle cooking products, we offer foodservice equipment for hospitality catering, healthcare, and educational facilities. If you are in search of such products for your business, then Wholesale Equipment Resource, LLC is the place for you.