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What makes Groen Steam Kettles so special and extraordinary from your everyday average steam kettle is that it was manufactured specifically to serve its purpose for a much larger amount of people. Designed to hold much more in weight, the Groen Steam Kettle can execute high volume cooking and production wherever it is needed. That is why such a kettle is suitable especially for school cafeterias, dining restaurants, food locations, and other any places where its user can expect to serve a high number of people.

This piece of stainless steel equipment can run on gas or electric heat, making it a very convenient tool to use for any commercial or residential kitchen. It is this high quality versatility in our products that make us number one in providing Groen steam kettles in Elmira, NY.

What we promise when our customers purchase from us is efficient production in the kitchen, and dynamic work in your business. We guarantee that our items will perform brilliantly in any function, whether it’s used as equipment for catering or for foodservice tool. No matter the place or purpose, we certify that the self-contained Groen Steam Kettle, as well as our other equipment can prove more than useful in your endeavors.

We have 45 years of service to our customers behind our backs and throughout those years, we have learned much about what it is that commercial restaurant owners and hobbyist chefs are searching for when they want to enhance their performance - and it is almost always an increase in their production.

The Groen Steam Kettles has just that, so if you are interested in improving performance, be sure to shop at Wholesale Equipment Resource, LLC. We have full confidence that our products can heighten productivity in your enterprise, but also enliven your own personal kitchen experience.